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RSS Valeria_j

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1 point

If the medicine is not given by the nurse or not approved by her the student may not take it to school but if it is crucial for the student to take it it must be allowed.

1 point

If a teacher suspects that a student brought something into the school that is totally prohibited, he or she should talk with them or report it. They shouldn't search students. If someone thinks a specific student has drug in his/her possession, they must tell a teacher and they have to call the police and let them analyze the case, teachers cannot interfere on anything or the case might go against them.

1 point

This might also be caused by bullying and there is where teachers are failing since their job is to control the respect between students.

1 point

argument 3

Searching students belongings may also result in humiliation because there could be medications which turn up, which could be embarrassing. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights makes sure against “arbitrary interference” with privacy. Teachers should not search a student unless there is an ethical reason to do so. Searches should not occur, but if they do, they should be proceeded with metal detectors, or something like that. Humiliation could end up having massive effects on students. They could be depressed, or even stop coming to school. This could also end up in bullying. Others could bully a student who has medication or something else embarrasing in their bags,

1 point

Searches indulging in pockets and personal belongings shouldn't be allowed because it is the student's personal belonging. They could have private or personal items with them which they don't want others to see.

1 point

A teacher may well REPORT a student who is carrying a dangerous item, but they cannot SEARCH a student or their belongings.

1 point

If a teacher indulges into a student's possessions inside school, the laws may go against them and not the student. If someone is searching someone's clothes or belongings, he/she must have a warrant or be a police officer to conduct the search. This is stated by the 4th Amendment.

1 point

argument 1

Schools shouldn’t be allowed to search students and their belongings while they are in school because teachers are not accountable for what students bring with them into campus. A teacher’s concentration should be to teach, help, and guide students. Students’ parents should take responsibility of what students bear. Their attention should not be on broadening evidence on specific student who is a troublemaker. Items taken from home by students are supposed to be handled by their parents.

If there is a rumor that a student is bringing drugs to school teachers cannot look into their possessions, they have to call the police and let them do their job. If the student has a knife all teachers can do is ask him/her to show what they have on their pockets.

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