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RSS Tanya_nanda

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1 point

Closing statement

In conclusion, school searches shouldn't be done because teachers are not responsible for what students bear, juvenile students have 4th amendment rights, and searching students could end up in humiliation. These reasons show why schools should not be searching students or their belongings.

1 point

Medication can be handled by the nurse but there are other personal belongings that many students have that could be embarrassing.

1 point

The school can be concerned for the students but searches cannot be conducted by school staff. This should be done by officials or police.

1 point

It doesn't always have to be medication that could be humiliating. Private items could be embarrassing for students. Every student feels different and personal belongings can be embarrassing for them.

1 point

Even if a lot of cases have happened over time, teachers and staff should not be held responsible for this. It is the parents responsibility to handle what their children bear from home. Teachers should be guiding students and helping them, not providing evidence on troublemakers. Or, police could be handling searches with metal detectors instead. Schools should not be indulging in students or their belongings.

1 point

The school may search through lockers but not through personal belongings inside the lockers. Lockers are not personal property of the students, so searches through lockers could be done. But, searches through belongings which are private or personal inside lockers cannot be done.

1 point

Court Case

Savana Redding was a 13-year-old student. A male student reported that another girl, Marissa Glines, had given him a prescription-strength ibuprofen pill. A search of Marissa’s day planner and pockets revealed more of the pills and home weapons. Marissa then reported the day planner belonged to Savana, and that Savana had given her the pills. Savana was then searched – a search which included not only her backpack and pockets, but also inside her undergarments. She sued the school district for violating her rights. The strip search by school officials in this case was not legal. It was unreasonable considering the nature of the offense and the facts of the case.

1 point

Argument 2:

Juvenile students have 4th Amendment rights. They have the right “to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures”. This means that schools have limited authority to indulge in unreasonable searches. Clothes searches should be done under a reasonable manner. Warrant: searches can only be done under a warrant. It is usually illegal and immoderate perform a search without a warrant. Searches through clothes and belongings could rather be done with metal detectors or something like that by the police if necessary.

1 point

Opening Statement

Schools shouldn’t be allowed to search students and their belongings while they are in school. This is shouldn’t be allowed for several different reasons. Juvenile students have 4th Amendment rights. They have the right “to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures”. This means that schools have limited authority to indulge in unreasonable searches. Also, school staff are not responsible for what students bear. Their parents should take responsibility of what students carry. Teachers shouldn’t be needing to create evident on specific troublemakers; instead, they should be teaching students. Parents should know what students carry with them. In addition, numerous students are extremely uncomfortable with people searching their clothes. Again, it violates their 4th amendment rights. Teachers shouldn’t be going through students belongings for certain reasons. Students may not feel comfortable because they have personal property they don’t want others to see. Also, backpacks shouldn’t be checked because they are personally bought by the student. It is their personal property which they own, unlike lockers. Searching students belongings may also result in humiliation because there could be medications which turn up, which could be embarrassing. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights makes sure against “arbitrary interference” with privacy. Teachers should not search a student unless there is an ethical reason to do so. Searches should not occur, but if they do, they should be proceeded with metal detectors, or something like that.

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