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RSS Julia_D

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1 point

Then the searches should happen privately and not in public.

1 point

Then the searches should happen privately and not in public.

1 point

Parents don't usually check what their sons/daughters put in their school bags, so teachers should have the rights to take the responsibility and keep the campus safe.

1 point

The medication brought to school should be approved by a nurse first, or provided by the school nurse.

1 point

Pocket and bag searches should occur to prevent hazards from entering the school campus, but strip searches should need a warrant since most of the students would feel uncomfortable.

1 point

All incidents can be avoided by allowing teachers to check students belonging for dangerous hazards such as knifes, guns, bombs, and many other harmful objects.

An example of a court case approached by a gun occurred in Delaware State University in 2015. “A 20-year-old student shot and killed Lakeytrice Quinn, 24, and shot and injured Alexandra Hicks, 26, in the parking lot of a dormitory on campus during an argument. A campus police officer who witnessed the incident shot at the assailant twice, but did not hit him. The perpetrator was arrested and charged with murder.”

Supporting Evidence: School Shootings (
1 point

Searches should occur with a warrant, but if you are in the school property they have the right to search you with a reasonable suspicion.

1 point

Searches should have a warrant to occur, although if you are at school you are in the school's property and therefore they have the right to start a search with a reasonable suspicion.

1 point

When schools search through lockers, they are not searching through the student’s property, since the locker is a belonging of the school. There have been a couple of cases where the students have sued schools for looking through their locker. These students don’t win the cases or go through with them, because the lockers are not on their own property and it is not their belonging. The school should be able to search lockers because they do not belong to the students. There are also other solutions to searching for They could do general searches such as metal detectors, etc. for all students. (Although, the student should be there in person during the searches.) to ensure the safety of all the people working and attending the school.

1 point

The teachers should be able to check students' belongings with a reasonable suspicion to prevent incidents from occurring such as shootings and stabbings. And if it makes the student uncomfortable the schools should find other ways to search students.

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