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RSS Pranup

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1 point

TSA has been a wonderful system that have tracked down people that have been carrying goods they are not supposed to be. TSA has helped save the countries that they have been why prosecuting the enemy. It is a helpful system that can save lives.

1 point

The TSA has been getting better over the year and hacking it isn't that easy.

1 point

The TSA won't care if people's suitcases have locks. As they have scanners to look inside luggages to look for illegal items. Items that could harm the country for example bombs and guns. They could potentially take the lives of innocent people if the TSA has been taken away. TSA helps people be in safety as they catch people importing the wrong thing. Furthermore, it is technology that can save people's lives not harm them

1 point

You have a good point but the thing is someone can say that and still have the control of guns or drugs. They could be acting in such a way that they will not go through the TSA scanner as they don't want there privacy to be invaded. At the end of the day TSA is doing a good thing in finding whether people are in control of illegal substances. It helps so there won't be a war spreading around the world because of maybe a bombing because the TSA were banned in an airport and therefore the terrorist wouldn't be caught and would be able to carry out their duty.

1 point

I don't agree with that as the TSA uses harmless UV light that won't harm the human body as never in the whole history has anyone gotten hurt while using the TSA.

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