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RSS Falakkhalil

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falakkhalil(10) Clarified
1 point

Opening Statement: Over 68% of American citizens are opposing the construction of the community center. Muslims should not be allowed to build the community center two blocks away from the site of the 9/11 attacks as it is a sacred ground, religious practices are not allowed in other countries, it will endanger lives, it will be a victory monument for the Muslim conquerors, and it would be morally unacceptable.

1 point

The name Cordoba House proves the Ground Zero mosque and community center is meant to be a victory monument for terrorists.This is as Cordoba refers to Cordoba, Spain, the capital where the Muslim conquerors showed their victory by transforming a church into the world's third-largest mosque.

1 point

Argument 5:

The mosque and community center should not be built near Ground Zero until some churches are built in the country Saudi Arabia. The Muslim terrorists destroyed and demolish the buildings in the name of Islam, so why should Muslims allow all Christians to practice their religion publicly in Saudi Arabia, so why should they be able to practice theirs next to ground zero, why should they have the right to do that when they don't have any churches in Saudi Arabia.

1 point

Gingrich, Newt. "No 'Megamosque' Near Ground Zero." OnFaith. OnFaith, 15 July 2015.

Web. 08 Mar. 2017.

1 point

Argument 3:

Having Muslims near Ground Zero where Muslim terrorists killed many Americans is morally unacceptable. America is not the only country that does not allow certain people to practice their religion, and it is only done if there is a good and strong reason. America is not letting the Muslims build the mosque and community center because the Muslim terrorists caused many deaths and put many people in pain. The same consequence is seen near a Serbian Church where 8,000 Christians were slaughtered. Now, no mosque is tolerated in that area of town.

1 point

Having a mosque near Ground Zero will create more division, more anger, and hatred. This will cause no good for anyone especially the Muslims.

No mosques should be allowed near Ground Zero until churches are allowed in Saudi Arabia. Islamists that call for tolerance should look at their own practices before they criticize America’s.

1 point

Many families of 9/11 victims say that it could be built anywhere but not overlooking the site where thousands of people were killed.

Due to the number of deaths, this site has turned into a sacred ground.

The memorial wall will become a tourist attraction.

1 point

There are over 100 mosques in New York where the Muslims can worship freely, all putting a mosque and community center near Ground Zero will do is create mischief.

Having Muslims near Ground Zero where Muslim terrorists killed many Americans is morally unacceptable.

Building the Ground Zero Community Center will allow anti-Muslim extremists to target the area for an attack, endangering the lives of New Yorkers.

1 point

Reporter, Daily Mail. "Controversial Ground Zero Mosque Site Opens - Just Two Weeks after

9/11 Anniversary." Daily Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 19 Sept. 2011. Web. 08

Mar. 2017.

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