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So in conclusion, death penalty should definitely be allowed in the US for many different reasons. It keeps people safe from criminals, it is not painful, it it always relative to the crime, it is only used on sane people and it is not in any way racist.

1 point

This article shows the death penalty rates depending on the crimes. The only crime that is up for execution other than murder is sexual offenses like rape. This shows that execution is only used when it is very relative to the crime. Rape is illegal and so is murder. They are both really severe crimes, which deserve equally cruel punishments.

Supporting Evidence: death penalty in the us (
0 points

First of all, the victim for this injection was injected for a reason- committing a serious crime. Second of all, the coughing and the breathing heavily id just the effect of the injection, therefore it does not mean that the victim is in pain. The injection will not work right away with no effects, that is impossible. The injection is supposed to provoke respiratory arrest and musle paralysis. That is the reason why the heavy breathing and the coughing was caused. However no pain was included in the process

Supporting Evidence: Lethal injection. Read this and then talk (
1 point

There is less painful methods to execution. States that support death penalty use legal and painless methods like the lethal injection, which is usually the first option for death penalty. This does not hurt the victim at all!

Supporting Evidence: CNN article (
2 points

Capital punishment should be allowed under the 8th amendment due to the method of execution not being cool. First, The execution should not add excessive pain. Death by lethal injection is the most common form of execution as it is allowed in 33 states. This is less severe than other methods such as hanging, a firing squad, or electrocution. However, few states allow methods such electrocution, but lethal injection is their main method. Next, physicians are present at executions to make it as least painful as possible. The death penalty should be permitted due its painless execution that is less severe than other methods.

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