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3 points

In conclusion, we strongly believe that people should have the right to own guns, under certain restrictions to keep people from using the firearms insecurely. Firearms could help people in times of need such as for self defense in crimes such as rape, using the firearm as an effective bluff to resolve the issue, and a good tool for hunters or people in the woods running low on food resources.

3 points

Owning a gun is proved to be really important, but sometimes using a (fake) or a real un loaded gun can prove as an extremely effective bluff to scare away attackers. Such as in a fight where people have arrived to jump you are team up in a very unfair advantage, by pulling out the fake gun you could scare off all your attackers and prevent the situation, or in a situation of rape, if you pull out the bluff gun the attacker or rapist could get scared off.

0 points

This counteracts my claim altogether. I had stated how they should have rules and restrictions to contain kids, and immature or people not mentally stable people from owning these guns, as stated in my opening statement.

0 points

As mentioned by the opposition, suicides could be decreased. But i beg to differ, although they could not have the right to own the guns, there are many different styles of suicide , which people could use instead making the gun restriction pointless.

0 points

Although guns can be made illegal (in which they are in many states) , people never cease to stop owning guns! And the criminals have a higher advantage when robbing at gun point, and rape as they have their guns illegally, while the citizens are following the law and going into these dangerous situations un-armed

1 point

Talking about the uses of guns, self defense is one extremely important factor that comes into play. Countless amounts of women get raped each year due to being helpless against their attacker. Which leads to the topic of those women being able to own a gun, While it doesn't have to be packed, it can serve as a useful tool to scare off the attacker. Moving on from the rape, a person might find himself in a home robbery, or even in worse case murderer, so having a gun at the establishment could scare off the robber, or again in the worst case, having to shoot the robber.


1 point

Opening Statement

It's been quite a controversial topic about the fourth amendment in the United states of America. Many people argue that it should exist and side against it. While others believe it should be an amendment with certain restrictions. I feel strongly that the people should have the right to own guns, with certain restrictions. As stated by Obama, one in 5 women have been raped or been attempted to be raped in their lifetime. And the main cause of this could be due to very little lack of self defense. Although having the right to owning a gun is necessary, There must be certain restrictions put in place to control people from “taking it too far” Some people might be mentally ill, under age, or not in the right physical state to own a gun and may cause or inflict a severe amount of damage against the people around them, and for that instance I would suggest a test that can prove a person worthy of owning the firearm. Many people even side against such a reasonable offer, Owning a gun can provide many things, such as self defense against attackers, a weapon that can be used as a bluff. And guns can be used as a tool for hunting animals.

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